friday favourites: office edition

Did you hear that? It was A Soft Murmur. Have you ever been to this site? If you’re like me and sometimes need to zone out or tune in or a combination of the two, a little white noise in the earbuds can mean all of the difference in productivity.

I didn’t hear that, actually …ย Because I was wearing my ear-covering Skull Candy headphones. Which allow me to block out other people distractions as required. I swear I don’t mean to seen anti-social, but sometimes I just need to zone out or tune in (see above).

Design for the design un-inclined: When I need to create something that will look more professional than something done in Microsoft Paint, I turn to Canva. It has so many templates options for Facebook image, infographics and everything in between — it completely rids me of the guesswork.

Pretty books and preferred pens: It’s weird, but I feel so much more satisfied at work if I can enjoy my supplies, so I bring my own. I love colourful Uni-Ball pens and notebooks with coils for ease of use on the left-hand page.

An unrelated-to-work fave: I’m back in the saddle. I’ve finally applied myself to drafting lots o’ blog posts and I promise to post more regularly. Happy Friday!



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