call me crazy …

… but doesn’t it seem a bit unreasonable that a person can’t buy snow pants. In Canada. In January?

You’ve seen it, too. Piles of snowsuits for sale at Costco in August. We all roll our eyes, but what many of us (is it just me?) forget is that if we don’t get every single thing we need for winter at least six months in advance, we may be SOL.

I was screwed over challenged by this phenomenon last year when J needed new boots in the dead of winter, but the only option available for purchase were flip flops and Crocs. Fool me once …

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be in the same pickle this year so I reviewed all of our outerwear in detail in the fall and felt confident that we were good to go. But. I failed to consider the fact that my five- and seven-year-old sons are extremely hard on equipment. So when the big one presented me with his snow pants this weekend, my best question was, “Have you been doing the splits?” Crotchless. Ripped wide open. I’m very much in favour of hand sewing rips, and there are many, but this one was epic. “Let’s just get a new pair when we go to Walmart,” said my sweet, naive husband. I mean, why wouldn’t he assume that one could by snow pants. In Canada. In January.

We tried several stores, including second-hand options. I messaged sellers on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace, too. I know that I can technically get snow gear at big-box sports stores, but I’m not prepared to spend $85 per season on one item.

Yep, that’s brown thread on black pants.

With lack of a better option, I dug out the sewing kit last night and, using the smallest, tightest stitches possible, I repaired his pants. When I presented them to J this morning, he looked at me wide-eyed. I assumed he was horrified, but instead he said, “Wow, you did that mom? That’s impressive!”

There you have it folks, a classic mom overthink and stress out for the record books.

But seriously. If you see a pair of size 7 snow pants for sale, buy them for me, OK, and I’ll pay you back.


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