playing power outage

On Christmas Day, we had a wind storm that felt a little reminiscent of Hurricane Juan. The whole house shook. When the power went out around suppertime, I was relieved that we’d had our turkey dinner on Christmas eve. We gathered up pillows, blankets, snacks and games to camp out in front of the wood stove in the basement rec room. Add an alternative heat source to the list of reasons I was relieved.

We let the kids stay up late and played games by lantern light in our jammies. We avoided our phones to preserve battery power. Which might have been the best part. We were unplugged and, as a result, extra tuned in to the kids.

Thanks to our hardworking linesmen, our power was back on in three hours. A few days later, we had a similar storm and the kids were thrilled to “play power outage,” so we gathered up our roughing-it supplies and headed back downstairs. We didn’t lose power that day, but we turned the dimmer down low and played Monopoly anyway.

Amazing how a lack of electricity can spur a light-bulb moment.


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