are they really what they eat?

If so, my kids may be breakfast sandwiches.

Man, are we ever in a food rut lately. There’s always one point in each season when I hit a food wall. Like in September when I. just. can’t. eat another burger. Or like right now when we have had all of the turkey dinners that our comfort-food-loving selves can handle.

It’s still a little chilly for barbecuing (Is it really though? The calendar says February, but it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of +15C out there the other day! To hell with cooking, let’s hit a patio!). But if we dig into grill fare too early, what’ll we do in June? Ya know? Oh the dilemma of it all.

I know what you’re thinking. Lindsey, there are many other things in this world to eat besides burgers and turkey! I knowww. I am just feeling uninspired.

So, my new goal-to-self for the month of March is to try out one new recipe a week. I’d like to try to accomplish a few things with this endeavor:

1) make meal time more exciting, 2) use real food to create fresh, healthy options for the whole family, 3) expand the kids’ taste palates one meal at a time so they will be open to new ideas and enjoy more foods, 4) ensure that I’m getting the balanced nutrition I need as a vegetarian, and 5) find more dishes that everyone enjoys equally in an attempt to avoid meal-time customization that no one has time or patience for, especially during the busy workweek.

I’ll post my new recipes here weekly and please helppp meeeΒ hop over to the Facebook page and share your fave go-to, family-friendly dishes!


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