friday favourites

The Bay Road is open! The Bay Road is open! Which means diddly squat to anyone who does live or work in close proximity to the Armdale Roundabout, but HOLY. The construction started in July and was supposed to wrap up at Thanksgiving (Canadian, not American). Waiting an extra six weeks makes this day feel extra exciting. Hooray for fewer traffic headaches (in theory)!

Report cards: I know this makes me an uber-nerd, but I am so excited when report cards come out! I love that extra insight into how the kids are doing when I’m no with them. We were very pleased with the feedback we received — lots of things they’re both excelling at (Jacob got an A in math, which he completely gets from Dad, and the wee one is a super duper routine and rule follower — who knew?!) and things to work on, too (Jacob says it’s especially hard to raise his hand on Mondays during sharing time because he always has so much to say about his weekend, which he completely gets from Mama).

You’ve already heard it all but: Yay, royal wedding! I was at home with my mudder when Prince William married Princess Kate. We also watched Princess Diana’s funeral together. Looks like I may need to make a special trip in N.B. in spring 2018. Bring on the fascinators!

It’s December 1 … and I don’t do Elf on the Shelf. And if you do, that’s totally cool. I however, feel relieved that I do not have to remember that daily. I would surely have a nervous breakdown.

222688_A_STYLSmells of the season: Have I ever told you how much I love my Saje diffuser? I got a small one as an entry-level investment, but I’m definitely going to invest in a bigger one eventually because love it so much. After the Rain is my favourite scent so far, but I just picked up a seasonal pack of oils with pine, peppermint and cinnamon that I can’t wait to fire up this weekend now that it’s officially December.

Happy Friday! xo


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