the wee one turned five

It came as no surprise when Isaac asked for a rock themed birthday party. The kid is a life-long collector. There are piles and pockets of rocks (and gems and shells and other various treasures) throughout our house. He used to bring so many rocks home from daycare that I used to joke that he was going to disturb the equilibrium of the earth if he transferred any more weight from Halifax to Beaver Bank.

While it may have been a bigger deal to me than to him, this was his first real birthday party and I felt that it needed to be perfect. In past years, we’ve taken him out with one friend for a day of fun or we’ve hosted family-friend-centric gatherings, but he’s never had a big group of friends to invite. Now that he’s in primary, we got to invite – and meet – several of his new classmates. Which, again, was probably more of a novelty for his mother than for him. Regardless, I was elated. His only request? A volcano cake. Boy, does this kid know his audience. Challenge accepted.

We started the day with a Smithsonian rock and gem/dinosaur dig kit. He all but refused breakfast in favour of the tap tap tap of his new dowel and mallet.

We decorated, cleaned, frosted, planned and chopped all morning for the big event.

It was a mid-afternoon party so we didn’t require lunch, but we still put out a spread of some of Isaac’s favourite snack plate supplies, as requested.

And what would a rock party be without DIY pet rocks? Should I choose to have kids paint in my house again, I’ll line everything with garbage bags, including the children. Their finished products were pretty cool and, admittedly, worth the mess.

Dad broke out his best science-teacher self and wowed the kids with some lava-shooting volcano demonstrations.

And then, of course, the cake.

And as if the day couldn’t be any better, and because Isaac and I have a strict no-Christmas-before-our-birthdays rule, and technically his birthday was pretty much over, we piled in the Mazda two of the kids’ buddies and hit The Chronicle Herald Holiday Parade of Lights.

The only question that remains is, what will we do when he turns six?


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