isaac turns 5


My wee one,

You’re not, in fact, so wee anymore. You may be the smallest in your class (or maybe even the whole school), but your larger-than-life personality precedes you wherever you go.

You’ve impressed us with how seamlessly you’ve transitioned to being a school kid. Your teachers have so many glowing things to say about you as a student and it makes us ooze with pride and sigh with relief that, so far, you feel great about jumping on the bus each day.

You plan to be a chief of police when you grow up (a fact that you often remind Jacob of when you threaten to put him in jail). I love that you don’t want to be just a cop, but you want to be the boss. You will inevitably be a leader, regardless of the job you pursue.

You’re methodical and organized. You can spend hours quietly playing alone, lining up cars and racing them down the hallway, working on a Lego or Play-doh project or reorganizing all of the treasures you’ve stashed on your book-shelf headboard. I especially love it when I hear you chatting quietly to yourself; I wish I had just half of your wild imagination.

Kid, you’re awesome. We three wouldn’t be the same without you as our fourth.




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