friday favourites

Om nom nom: Just in time for American Thanksgiving (AKA ma birthday. Well, not technically my birthday this year, but throughout my childhood the alignment almost always meant celebrating with a turkey dinner with my American fam. And then I married a dude with two U.S.-born parents so turkey day in November is kinda in our blood.), the New York Times posted this ridiculous roundup of vegetarian dishes for your turkey table and omg I’m going to make them all. Share this with all of your favourite vegetarians.

HTGAWM:Β This is how I text about what I’m watching because who wants to use their thumbs to type out How to Get Away with Murder? Mike and I are half-way into season two and it’s reallyyy hard not to say “just one more episode.” Damn you, Shonda.




Speaking of screens: I love it when the book club read is set to become a movie so we can not only get together to gab about it, but then we get to make a movie date, too. We’re starting Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews now, which will be a Jennifer Lawrence movie in the spring.

Fa la la la la: Speaking of food, I’m knee deep in holiday baking plans. I’m getting together my fave baker-in-crime in a few weeks to do our day-long Christmas-prep extravaganza. I’ve got some ideas of new options I want to try this year, sprinkled in with old favourites like Hello Dollies, of course. What are your go-to sweets for the season? Comment to the class over on FB.

Happy Friday!


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