homemade halloween

You’d be wrong if you’re assuming that, for Halloween, Jacob will be Luigi (the taller one) and Isaac will be Mario (the shorter one). It’ll be the other way around. Why? Because we bought thrift-store hats for their DIY costumes and the green one fit the wee one better, so that’s how they decided. The best part of the hats, at $0.99 each on 50% off day, I scored them both for a buck.

When they told me that they’d like to be Mario and Luigi, I thought it’d be they’d be the simplest costumes to make. Overalls, red and green shirts and caps, a little crafty monogramming, gloves and stick-on moustaches. But I soon realized that is no longer 1995 and finding overalls to fit a seven year old is easier said than done. After a few thrift-store stops, I found a pair for Isaac, that are actually size 3T because he really is the wee one, even though he’s nearly five. It took an extra week or two, a few unfruitful Facebook pleas and finally a miracle thrift-shop find to get a pair for J. They’re size 10 so I had to cut about six inches off the legs and for my skinny-jeans-loving kid, we had to pin the legs to make them feel a little less like parachute pants. In the end, it worked out perfectly.

They’re using red and green shirts they already had, just worn backward to hide the patterns. For the best hold on the monogrammed Ls and Ms, I used my hot glue gun with fun foam, which means the parts of these overalls are now permanent costumes and will be put into the costume closet for future dress-up fun. Then, it all came together in a neat little bow when Miss Allie scored the gloves at Party City.


Total out-of-pocket expense: ~$10
Difficulty: Easy
Satisfaction mom feels with these super easy homemade costumes: Priceless


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