Jacob turns (turned) 7

I just realized that I lapsed in posting about Jacob’s birthday. The kid turned seven and my mind is still boggled at how that’s even possible. I remember thinking when turned five that it was insane – that he was half-way to double digits. Now he’s nearly three-quarters of the way to 10 and it makes me feel like fainting. Every year goes by faster than the last. Which is maybe part of the reason that I’m a month late writing about his epic birthday party.

We decided to let Jacob have an out-of-home party this year – the first in his seven years. I’m crafty and love to host themed parties and we’ve always felt it unnecessary to spend the extra money on hosting scores of kids for the celebrations. When he turned six, he was allowed to invite six friends to our house for a Ninja Turtle event. I made themed snacks, painted DIY turtle shells for his guests, Mike crafted a pin-the-mask-on-the-turtle game and we stuffed fun goodie bags.

When you look at that list, it’s easy to see that it wasn’t really an inexpensive affair. By the time you purchase extra groceries and treats, art and craft supplies, and all of extras that go into making the occasion special, the bill is comparable to any outside options at the pool or the movie theatre or the bowling alley. Plus, it’s important to place a value on your time – the pre-party clean up, the planning (time spent on Pinterest), the cooking, the post-party recovery. It’s a lot.

When I started to look into the local party options, the comic book store’s option seemed ideal for our video-game loving kid. He’d get to play games with his friends that we don’t have at home with Rock Band on Xbox, an original Nintendo on a floor-model TV (Duck Hunt!), an arcade game with 60 retro games like Space Invaders and Pac Man and amazing board games like Twister, Battleship and Perfection. In short, it was an amazing party for ‘90s kids like us to live vicariously through our kids. In addition to oodles of entertainment, the party included a decorated party space, takeout pizzas (with lots of leftovers that we got to take home), a specially made cake by a local baker (he picked a Pikachu cake and we got to keep those leftovers, too), staff to help facilitate all of the games AND goodie bags for 10 guests. It cost $189. We walked in at 1 p.m. and walked out at 3 p.m. when the proprietor insisted that we not worry about cleaning up. Talk about happy parents. And just look at these smiling faces!

It was a perfect way to celebrate our three-quarters-to-10 big man.

And don’t forget to check out Cape & Cowl Comics & Collectibles. Jay’s the best!



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