marriage monday: the shoe game

14107617_10153879309261033_3157235520014336580_oWe attended a family wedding recently at which they played the shoe game. If you’re not familiar, the bride and groom sit back to back and each hold one of their own shoes and one of their partners’. Then they’re asked a series of questions to see if their opinions match or differ (by raising the appropriate shoe). It’s inevitably pretty funny.

Whether for better or for worse, Mike and I thought this could be an entertaining game to play with the kids (we didn’t play the game at our own wedding). We asked them questions about us and let them answer either mum or dad.

Who’s the better cook? Mama

Who smells the best? Mama

Who’s the better singer? Mama (at this point, I think Mike started to get offended)

Who’s the better driver? Daddy

Who yells the most? “Jacob” (Isaac’s answer); Jacob said “Daddy” (but then qualified it as “who yells the loudest” … then they changed their answer and said I yell the most. I don’t think I like this contest).

Who’s the tallest? Mama/Dada. They’re right. It’s a tie.

Who’s the silliest? Dada (this one shocked us both)

Who’s the best snuggler? Mama (Isaac); Dada (Jacob)

Who does the most chores? Mama (true story)

Who talks the most? OH MAMA! (that’s a direct quote)

Who’s better at video games? Holy, Daddy for sure!

Who is messier? Jacob says neither. “Adults are not messy really because they clean up their own messes.” Isaac says “definitely me!”

Who spends the most time on their phone? Mommm. Then they added Dad in, too. We are both a little guilty.

Who’s better at sports? Jacob said “Daddy” and Isaac said “Jacob.” (I’m not sure he completely understood the concept of the game). Jacob then revised his answer and voted for himself. Then a competitive conversation ensued and I’m not sure if dad or Jacob came out victorious in the end. There may be a tie-breaker game of H-O-R-S-E happening on the playground after school.

Who laughs the most? Jacob said “Mommy” and Isaac said “Me.”

Who’s the loudest? We all agreed in unison: “Isaac!” (this just became a family-wide game)

Who tells the best jokes? Jacob says “Jacob.” (And then laughed at himself)

Who’s the biggest Schuler (are you unfamiliar with what a schuler is? then you’re going to need to click here)? Jacob says “Isaac,” Isaac says “Dada.”

Who’s smartest? Jacob says “Daddy is smartest because he’s a teacher,” and Dad says “I think Mommy’s the smartest because she always beats me at Jeopardy.” Fact.

Who’s the stinkiest? Jacob! (even Jacob said Jacob)

Whether we agree or disagree, we realized that none of us are perfect and that it’s also pretty entertaining to poke some good-natured fun at each other.


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