10 things

I’m just going to have a little giggle and pretend that my list of 10 things I intended to accomplish in the summer wasn’t really a thing. I’m going to take a do-over, okie doke?

10 things I intend to accomplish this fall (and they’ll all be much easier things because a) I’m tired, b) fall is hella busy and c) I’m tired)

  1. Get some new family photos taken. My pixie-cut-growing-out days are behind me so we can all celebrate with a photo shoot.
  2. Paint our kitchen. This is one of those “royal we” jobs that really won’t involve me beyond the paint-chip aisle at Home Depot because Mike insists that I’m the worst painter ever.1450759_10151760075006033_158196943_n
  3. Listen to more audiobooks and podcasts. Now that my commute belongs to me and only me, I can listen to whatever I want. And, spoiler alert, it’s not Sharon, Lois and Bram. So far, it’s included this and this.
  4. Go on a monthly date with Mike. Even if it’s something completely free. I just need to get out of my house with my husband occasionally.
  5. Make some new fall-inspired recipes, including slow cooker cider, toasted pumpkin seeds and a pie of some sort. One of my favourite things about fall is the ability to bake and not melt in the process.19059202_10154699609071033_5948929459909889037_n
  6. DIY the kids’ Halloween costumes. Soon they’ll be too old to let me do this so I gotta make hay (or costumes as the case may be) while the sun shines (before the snow flies?). This metaphor went nowhere fast.
  7. Get all of the fall yard cleanup chores done before the snow flies. Sometimes the first snow doesn’t happen until Christmas so I’m not feeling superrr rushed.*
  8. Start planning our 10th anniversary trip. It might be a long weekend road trip, it could be a week on a beach. No idea.
  9. Host friends for a games night. Because we like our friends. And games are fun.
  10. Craft some new Christmas decorations. Because I just wouldn’t be me if I weren’t always thinking one season ahead.

*Now it’ll be my fault if we get a foot of snow in October, won’t it?


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