gobble gobble (and being grateful)

I always decorate for fall a little a lot early. I usually don’t wait until fall or Labour Day weekend for that matter. I know it can be irritating to beach lovers and sun worshipers who wish I wouldn’t wish away the summer. It’s not about that. Or about my affection for PSLs, either. I just love the way fall feels and smells. It’s comfort food (and baking without heating the house up to 1,000 degrees) and knee-high boots with cozy sweaters and the best smelling candles at Bath and Body Works.

Naturally, we have a few fall projects up our sleeves.

We’ve had a few requests from friends and family for new artwork for fridges and offices so I’ve been pinning ideas to engage the kids (why is it when people don’t ask for art, I have it coming out the wazoo and when we have orders to fill, they suddenly have creative block?). This Thanksgiving-inspired idea was easy to execute and anything involving paint (especially when the intent is to put it on our hands on purpose) is always a win.

All that said, it was also a great reason to join in an awesome Maritime bloggers hop, which means I’m not the only one sharing awesome turkey fun this week! Be sure to click the link at the bottom and check out everyone else’s poultry-inspired projects!

The poem is simple to type up in any font and format you like:


(The one above is Isaac’s. I love that his mish-mash of colours turned out looking like a camoflaged turkey!)

The kids’ jaws dropped when I started explaining the project by painting directly on my palm. Doing it this way allowed us to create the patterns we wanted.

Three things made me feel grateful about this project:

    • It was simple and created an adorable finished product.
    • It was the perfect way to spend a weekday evening with the kiddos that didn’t involve screen time or headlocks.
    • It gave us a great opportunity to talk about what makes us feel thankful. The answers ranged from petting puppies and our home to safety and getting presents. It made for a lively discussion that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Be sure to click this handy little button for more projects by Maritime mom bloggers:



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