marriage monday: personal boundaries

1928381_20613676032_2509_nMy girlfriends and I got into a conversation over the weekend, the likes of which only girlfriends have. It centered around bodily functions. We are all very open with each other; TMI just isn’t a thing. We discussed couples we’ve known who refuse to pass gas in each others’ presence. I, frankly, and my girlfriends agreed, could not be bothered to go to another room if I needed to break wind. Who has time for that?

It did make me think about my relationship with my husband though. When it comes to personal boundaries, we don’t have many.

Times in which we are open books:

  • Peeing with the door open. Pee only.
  • Food. I’d lick his ice cream cone and he’d lick mine. That’s not an innuendo.
  • If I had a pimple on my back, I’d let him pop it. But let’s be real, he probably wouldn’t do it right so I’d probably need to ask one of the aforementioned girlfriends to help out with that.
  • The entire family may wander in and out of the bathroom while either of us is in the shower. We have another half-bath downstairs, but everyone seemingly forgets or ignores that fact.
  • Emails, passwords, wallets, purses. All fair game.

Grey areas in our relationship:

  • Changing clothes. I don’t think twice about it most of the time, but I also want to maintain a certain level of mystery. I mean, we have two kids and we all know how that happened. Plus, he saw them shoot out of me. How can there still be mystery, you ask? There is. He doesn’t need to know what colour my underwear are every single day.
  • Sharing germs. I will not kiss him if he’s sick and vice versa. I do not pick up his dirty tissues. I will share his drinking glass or fork though.
  • Mike would rather not have to buy tampons for me. He has before and will again, most likely, but he’s not a fan, which I get.

Areas in which we draw the line:

  • I will not sniff his laundry to check if it’s dirty.
  • We don’t share toothbrushes. I also hateee it when I’m within three feet of him when he’s flossing. Ewww.
  • Anything going on in a washroom beyond peeing requires a locked door. Mainly to protect ourselves from the kids slamming into the room, but also to maintain a certain level of decorum.

What do you think? Are we too exposed? Too prudish? Where do you draw the lines in your relationships?


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