friday favourites

It’s birthmas! This weekend, I get to go away for an overnight with a handful of my very best girlfriends. We’ve been doing an annual night away for several years, but over the last couple years we’ve incorporated a new tradition called birthmas (a concept we borrowed from a friend of a friend). Basically, rather than ensuring we can gather and give gifts on birthdays or add to the expense of sharing gifts at Christmas, we reserve this one night a year to give gifts to each other. Everyone gives everyone a present, so with five of us in attendance, the pile of 25 gifts is pretty fun and exciting! We take turns opening our gifts and it’s a ton of fun. Not to mention, we always use this weekend away as a chance to see a new nook of our province. This weekend, we’re heading to Five Islands to a cottage on the water. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It’s really fall now: I no longer have to hold in my excitement about my favourite season lest I offend summer lovers! Pumpkin spice all the things!

Blog hops: I’m participating in a blog hop next week! There’s a great collective of mama bloggers locally who are sharing links of the same nature. This time around, we’re all sharing turkey-inspired projects in time for Thanksgiving. Be sure to check back on Monday for my project and links to five other great local bloggers!

I can’t promise it’ll be as awesome as this (but it’ll be close):



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