Five things: Montreal

On the theme of summer wrap ups, I also got to spend an amazing weekend away with one of my favourite people on the planet.

Earlier this month, we travelled to Cornwall, ON for a university friend’s wedding. Since we were in the neighbourhood, we also opted to take an extra day off and spend a couple days exploring Montreal.

Here are five things that made the weekend awesome.

1) Travelling with someone like-minded is the best.

  • No checked luggage allowed? Check.
  • Vegetarian? Check.
  • Wants to do and see as much as physically possible and also take the time to soak it all in? Check.
  • Also wants to take lame selfies while reading books on benches? Yep.

2) Seeing a beautiful couple get hitched.

And getting to meet their gorgeous family.

3) Exploring a new city in our great country.

4) All the awesome food and drinks.

$0.89 tacos means you can spend more money on margaritas.

5) Thinking about where we could go next!


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