the charcoal toothpaste test

So, have you heard of this whole charcoal toothpaste thing? It first popped up for me on Facebook when a friend tried it and posted results. I was intrigued. I’ve asked my dental hygienist about teeth whitening before and she suggested trying over-the-counter white strips over the dental-office process, but I didn’t get around to trying it (also too cheap to spend $30 – maybe they’re cheaper these days?).

My teeth aren’t terribly discoloured, but I do consume a considerable amount of coffee. A work friend opts to drink her coffee through a straw to protect her teeth, but it’s just not the same.

I happened upon a little pot of the charcoal powder at Winners a few months ago and decided to finally give it a try in advance of a friend’s wedding.








Here are the pics stitched together:


I see a difference after one use, which I’m pleased about. I’ve only done it once so far, so next time I’m going to try it daily for a week and track the before and after. Regardless, I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking to shine up the pearly whites before a special occasion or important event.


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