when you’re home alone

My family comes home today; they’ve been in Cape Breton since Sunday. Having some alone time gave me all the feels, including but not limited to glee, relaxation, loneliness, ambition, exhaustion, laziness and fear of the dark.*

I started my respite at the beach for a few hours with friends and the book club book. It was a picture-perfect Nova Scotia beach day so if (god forbid) I don’t get another, I can sail through 2017 with the satisfaction that I got to soak in one perfect afternoon.


I had an appointment to have multiple surfaces of my face waxed, which will not be immortalized with a photo, so I give you Ryan Gosling.


I scrubbed my kitchen floor within an inch of it’s life; isn’t it purdy?


I sorted out a ton of the kids clothes. I packed away things that are still too big in bins labeled “2018” and laundered hand-me-downs that I think will fit just right in September for the new school year.



I ate everything I wanted to eat, which included a take-out burrito, homemade poutine and these incredible oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the market down the road.**


*I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve slept in my house alone, and that includes the three nights I just spent. That first night was scary as shit.
**I actually ate one and took the rest to work because I would’ve otherwise eaten them all myself and been saddled with monstrous regret.

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