friday favourites

I’m working today for the first Friday since June. Can’t really be bitter about it when I had three summer long weekends, right? Anddd I’m only one work week away from 10 days off, so there’s that.

Parenting today vs. parenting in the ’80s (aka before social media): “The competition, the overload, the busy card — it’s all trendy these days and I don’t know a parent who hasn’t gotten caught up in it. That, coupled with how intense kids’ homework and sporting events are, doesn’t exactly leave us time to make any spur-of-the-moment plans — and isn’t that supposed to be the spice of life?” Here’s the link so you too can read why it’s different.

No kids: We got super lucky last weekend when a friend invited BOTH our kids for a playdate and they kept the kids for SIX hours. Naturally, we did errands because that’s what boring parents do and shopping without kids is as close to luxury as I get lately. Then we considered going to a restaurant with a patio, but there’s other people there. And we weren’t feeling it. (When I don’t have my kids with me, I don’t want to hear other people’s kids). So, we stopped at both Pita Pit and Booster Juice on the way home to have lunch alone on our own deck. And it was great. Not to mention the hour-long nap that followed.


Letting go of the phone: I’ve done digital detoxes before, but like this writer says, it’s just a quick fix rather than a sustainable solution. I love these ideas in this article because it really is a legit addiction. Check it out here.


No kids: Is it weird to list this twice? Makes me sound like I really like being without my boys, but that’s not true. But omgalonetime. It just so happens that my menfolk are heading to Cape Breton on Sunday for a few days to visit family, but I’m reserving my vacation time for a full-blown Bunin reunion later in August, so I’ll stay home to work. I’m never alone in my house, let alone overnight. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself. (That’s not true. I do know. I’m going to clean and clean and clean. With Grey’s on in the background, naturally).

Happy Friday!



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