a camping we will go

I pulled out the tote of camping supplies over the weekend and besides being a little musty, the bin was still surprisingly well stocked after our adventures last summer.

I made a quick list of things we needed to include — sunscreen, bug spray, marshmallows, glow sticks. The obvious stuff. But then I wondered if, now that the kids are getting older, if we should try to up our camping game a little.

I did what any self-preserving mother would do — I turned to Pinterest for check-list ideas and holy. Depending on what level of camping you intend to do, you might need a second vehicle just to tote all of the stuff.

conforts-hotel.87dc4c0fAfter some thought, I decided that we are a middle-of-the-road camping family. We’re not bare-bones basic — we want some of life’s comforts, like easy access to water, electricity and plumbing. But we’re no where near glampers — we tent but without cots and Persian rugs and pennant banners. Who has time or money for that?

So here a few creature comforts we’re adding to our arsenal for the 2017 camping season:

  • A butane burner. Since we’ve only ever camped for one night at a time, we’ve gotten by with sandwiches packed from home and hot dogs roasted on the fire. This time, we’re going for two nights and I hope to go even longer as the kids get older, so real cooking is a new necessity.
  • A bike rack: As the kids get older, they’re becoming more independent, which allows them to roam a little further from us than in years passed. Our camping gear fully fills the back of our Mazda 5 so the bikes or scooters need to be attached on the outside.
  • Sleeping mats: Most people would disagree, but we are not air mattress fans. Even the best, top-of-the-line one we own loses air over the course of the night. Plus, when you’re sleeping with others on an air mattress, every movement is felt by all. We hate it. So this year we got extra-thick camping mats to create a barrier between us and the ground for warmth. I’m pretty optimistic that these will do the trick until we opt to invest in a used pop-up camper.

What are your favourite camping comforts?


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