friday favourites

Who works on Fridays? Not me! (At least this week, next week and the one after that … but who’s counting?)

Another year bites the dust: The school year is ovaaa! While I could spend this time being excessively bitter because my menfolk get to stay home all summer while I work like a schmuck, I choose to be grateful because:


It’s also the season in which I have several pointed conversations with people about why teachers aren’t “lucky” to have their summers off. I work year-round with three weeks of vacation and my husband puts more work hours in annually than I do. That’s a fact.


Happy Canada 150: We recently had a music-related discussion at work that turned into the creation of an epic Canada Day playlist. Check it out here.

Gifts for friends: Isaac and I created tags for bubbles as a gift for his friends to say farewell (I still can’t believe he’s finished daycare and headed to school!). I love doing little projects like these with my kids.


A good book for the weekend: Digging into this month’s book club read, Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller. Have you read it?

Have a lovely weekend!


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