summer reading club #goals

The local library visited Jacob’s school yesterday to talk about summertime literacy and to encourage kids to enroll in the summer reading club. They asked if anyone had already joined and my kid was the only one to raise his hand, a fact he was pretty excited about and his mudder was pretty proud, too. #wordnerd


My wee readers, circa 2015.

We love it! The kids each choose a goal. This year, Jacob chose 75. He had the same goal last year, but this summer he intends to do it all without mum and dad’s help. Isaac’s goal is 50, many of which will be read to him by his big brother, which also makes me ooze more of those fuzzy proud feelings.

It does take commitment on the parental end too though. We will write each book title in their record books and remind them to work toward hitting their goals. Each achievement comes with special prizes at the library, too, like pencils, stickers and tattoos, which is unsurprisingly huge incentive for my boys.

Here are three ways we intend to hit our goals this summer:

Books before screens: Reading time will be priority. TV and video games won’t be an option unless they’ve spent 30 minutes with their noses in books. This is just one thing on a list of things they’ll need to do to earn screen time in the summer — that post is coming soon.

New books: In addition to our weekly trips to the library, we’ll also browse yard sales and Value Village shelves for new reads to keep things interesting.

Character projects: Our kids love a good project and the Internet is a foolishly infinite wealth of ideas, like these on Pinterest:


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