friday favourites

Satisfying shows: We finally caught up on Scandal and the end of season 6 was the best to date. While I don’t really want to have to wait until the fall to pick it back up, I’m also glad to be finished for now and move onto other things. Since then, we’ve watched Bad Moms (in two sittings because I can’t possibly be expected to stay awake to watch a whole movie in one sitting) and about 839 episodes of Jeopardy.

Summer lovin’: Today is the last full Friday of school for my menfolk! This represents multiple levels of excitement for me as exhibited by this handy dandy pie chart I whipped up.


Wine: When you’re on an office-cleaning roll and you wipe down the desk of a colleague who happens to be the food and drink editor and he brings you a bottle of wine because his house is literally full of wine and can do things like that. And you also don’t have to look at his dirty desk anymore. Double score.

Fridays: This is my last Friday to work for a couple weeks. I have next week’s off for Grading Day and I have the following off to take my handsome hubby camping for his birthday (with the kids, of course, because it would be kind of weird to go to camping at Yogi’s Jellystone Park without the kids). Hooray for short weeks!

Happy Friday!


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