family photos

Our last real family photo popped up in my Facebook memories today. Three years ago. Don’t you hate it when your FB memories make you feel like a total slacker?

I must confess. I’ve been putting off new family photos for a very vein reason. I was growing out a pixie cut and there were some phases in the months that followed that decision that I did not want immortalized in frames on my walls.

But now I have a bob that I’m cool with and the kids are getting older by the second. With Isaac starting school in September, it feels like an ideal milestone to mark with a photo shoot.

Here are a few outtakes from that day, three years ago:


These photos have filled a gallery wall in our dining room for years and it was only a few months ago that Mike said, yeah I don’t really like to those pictures. Whaa? Seriously? There’s something about the colour combo he doesn’t like. Good to know, just as it’s time to take them down and replace them.

And planning family photos is magical isn’t it? You need to arrange clean clothes, matching outfits, ensure that everyone is happy and willing to participate. You need to watch out for visible bumps and bruises in the weeks leading up (Jacob has a black eye as I type this, so thank goodness our pics weren’t scheduled for this week!).

For goodness sake, don’t look at Pinterest for ideas. You’ll find pages and pages of magazine-esque families in perfectly ironed white shirts on beaches with excellent lighting and gleaming white teeth. AKA it’s not real life. Not my life, at least.

Here’s the other thing I wonder about those perfect Internet photos — how does the photographer feel if you send them 20 of your favourite Pinterest-sourced photos to recreate? Would it be the same sort of feeling I’d get if an interviewee handed me an article written by someone else and asked me to write about them just like that? Seems rude somehow, right?

So I’m going to fret about it a little while longer (thanks for the reminder, Facebook), pick up some Crest white strips, call a photographer and hope for the best.


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