marriage monday: 5 things



Um, who are these babies? Circa 2009, before we’d gone bald and grey and soft from parenting.

5 things I’d change about my husband:

  • I’d make him a smidge taller … maybe a few inches.
  • I’d smother him when he eliminate his snoring. He took this one to heart, actually, because it occasionally wakes him too. He promised to mention it to the doctor.
  • I’d love it if he’d share his feelings more often. Not in a cry-your-heart-out way, but in a “I love you because …” way.
  • I’d give his memory a tune-up because I have to remember everything, as explained in detail last Monday.
  • I’d bring back some of those first-few-months-of-dating gestures. Not the sappy love notes and mixed tapes (gag), but the small ways he used to try to impress me, like planning date night or making me dinner or surprising me with a little treat because it’s my fave. Just small things that made me feel like he thinks about me when we aren’t together or when things are really busy or when we’re caught up in the insanity of parenting.

5 things he’d change about me (when I asked him, his first response was “I’m not falling for that one.” Smart man):

He struggled to come up with five things, which I take both as a sign of my perfection and of his own self preservation.

  • He’d make me a bit shorter. I’m just a hair taller than him and we’d both prefer it the other way. Maybe I should get him lifts for his shoes.
  • He wishes I’d like to watch baseball more often. This I could probably do. If it’s the Jays. And if it’s playoffs. And if they are winning. But my fave, Kevin Pillar, made some hideous remarks during a game about a month ago and it ruined me a bit.
  • He would rather not have to wake me in the morning. “Have you seen yourself before coffee?”
  • He wants me to be more detail oriented about projects, like painting or nailing deck boards. Read: He wants me to be anal just like him. But trust me when I say, he’s particular enough for both of us.
  • He wishes he could beat me at Jeopardy. So much so that he wishes I’d just let him win. But that’s something I can’t do. I just can’t.

What would you change about your significant other, given the chance?

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