3 new recipes to try

I’ve been trying to expand my family’s food horizons because a) I like challenging myself to make delicious meals on the cheap; b) we seem to be in perpetual meal ruts (how many times can we have chicken and rice or spaghetti?); and c) I love to cook, so trying new recipes is cheaper than therapy — it’s my me time, alone in the kitchen with Grey’s reruns streaming on Netflix in the background. Here are a few new ones I’ve enjoyed lately:

Egg white oat scramble. Let’s be clear, I hate eggs. With a passion. So much so that the only French toast I’ll eat is my father in law’s because he is literally magic and somehow doesn’t let it get soggy OR taste like dreaded eggs. All that said, I want to like eggs. As a vegetarian, they really are one of the best kinds of protein I can eat in a hurry. But I just can’t. Until now, that is.

Top 3 reasons this recipe is great:

  • This scramble mixes egg whites with oatmeal and cinnamon to disguise the horrible egg taste and the awful egg texture.
  • We are big breakfast-for-supper people, so it’s awesome to have a new breakfast recipe that can actually be enjoyed at any time of the day.
  • I can buy egg whites in a carton so I don’t waste yolks. And maybe, just maybe, removing the act of physically cracking the eggs helps me mind-over-matter the whole situation.

I also slice a banana on top. You could definitely lean more savoury with this too by adding chopped ham or bacon.

One-pot Brazilian chickpeas and rice. I’m not really sure I’ve had any Brazilian food before, but if it all tastes this good, I’m gonna need to book a trip. This recipe is as easy as they come — just dump everything in and let the flavours make your whole house smell delicious. I made this for book club and it was then requested at the next meeting, so I’ll take that as approval (and in a group with three vegetarians, two dairy-free members, several who hate cilantro and other various restrictions, this recipe kind of feels like a miracle). Also, green stuff is omitted in the photo below re: the aforementioned club of picky eaters.


The BEST chicken marinade. I did not capitalize the best, but according to my men-folk, who loved this recipe, I feel justified in maintaining the recipe author’s exclamation. It’s great, just as barbecue season is hitting full swing, to have a new way to treat chicken. I’ve only used boneless breasts, but I bet it would work well on other cuts, too.



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