tbt: deck edition

Here’s what our back deck looked like when we moved into our house more than five years ago.


It really needed to be replaced back then, but we (and by we, I mean my stepdad Gerard) made do by replacing the railings so they were to code. Over the years, we replaced (and by we, I mean Mike) a few rotten floorboards. The whole thing was pretty ghetto looking toward the end.

Over Easter weekend, we tore the old deck off. And over Victoria Day weekend, we (and I can totally include myself in this “we” because muscles I didn’t even know I had are sore today from bending, squatting and hammering) did this:


There are several finishing touches to complete (like laying the rest of the floor!), but we’re well on our way to a whole new living space on the outside of our home. Now I think we need to do some updates to our house so it’s as nice as the deck!


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