tried and succeeded

Share a new recipe you would like to try.

Over the long weekend, we hosted my mum (Hanny), stepdad (Papa), grandmother (GG) and her partner (Lyle) at our home while we built a new deck (more on that tomorrow). It was great having them for a few days — it was a great chance to visit and catch up, eat tons and watch a lot of Jeopardy.

Since I had Chef Lyle in my kitchen (he’s quite a cook, which is saying something when in the presence of Hanny and GG), I decided I needed him to walk me through his famous from-scratch pie crust. I’d heard that one of his best fillings is chocolate, so no better place to start than there.

I can’t give away all of his tips and tricks, but I will tell you that the secret ingredient in the crust is vodka. Surprising, I know! You can’t taste it in the crust, of course, but it has magical scientific properties that allow the crust to turn out perfectly every time — trust me, I did it myself so clearly, it’s foolproof!

I had hoped to take more photos along the way, but I was trying my hardest to do it all as directed. And we were so excited to dig in that I didn’t even grab a photo before it was mostly eaten! I think that’s a pretty good indication that this recipe was a win.

Thanks, as always, to Mama Kat for the writer’s prompt. 


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