friday favourites

I’m OFF TODAY! I could end it right there, but I won’t. I have other things to tell ya.


theSkimm: It’s basically a daily sum-up of top headlines rewritten for a millennial audience, delivered to your email each workday morning. Helps you know what’s up in the world, which is a great cheat for me since I work, you know, at a newspaper. It specifically helps me translate Trump’s nonsense, which I appreciate. What’s new is they’ve also added a book recommendation feature that is targetted perfectly to the audience, which will be awesome for me when I can find the time to read more than just the book club book every six weeks. Sign up for theSkimm here.

Work road trips: I loaded up my six-seater with my peeps so we could honour our NL contingent with Newfie poutine, which is the special of the month at Cheesecurds. It was a lunch of epic proportions and it may very well be the best thing I’ve ever eaten.


Because grandmothers are more fun than mothers: My mum arrived today and brought the kids fidget spinners and I’m thrilled because now I don’t have to hear about how badlyyy they want fidget spinners anymore.

Happy long weekend!


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