farmer isaac

Jacob is almost getting to the age (6 1/2) at which he’s not so interested in doing everything his mother suggests. Actually, that makes me feel like I need to figure out some different activities to help engage him in things he’s interested in, but that’s a project for another day.

This story is about Isaac. At 4 1/2, he is still very eager to be my tag along for most anything, like baking cookies, doing chores (he’s terrific with a Lysol wipe) and, in the case of last weekend, starting our veggie garden.

This year, rather than planting seeds outside and hoping for the best or buying pre-grown plants, we decided to start things inside ourselves. We got this handy little tray and selected our crops: green beans, yellow beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, zucchini and cucumbers.


Isaac went row by row, sowing his seeds carefully. It was fun to watch. I love seeing how his fine motor skills are developing and, if I’m honest, it makes me more confident about him starting Primary as a small-for-his-age four-year-old in the fall.


He watched his tray all week. He was sure to open the curtains each morning so his plants would get lots of sun. He showed such amazing independence — getting a water cup from the kitchen, taking it to the bathroom to fill it up at the sink he could reach with the help of a stool and carefully watering his seedlings.

We couldn’t have been more shocked to see the results only one week later:


His plants have grown so much that the top popped off! Next steps include giving them some measured outdoor time to let them acclimatize and as soon as we’re confident that they won’t get frostbite, they’ll be planted in our vegetable garden. Isaac couldn’t be more pleased and what’s better is that he can’t wait to eat all of his crops! If I knew getting him to eat his veggies was this easy, I would’ve started indoor planting years ago.


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