friday favourites

  • Playroom redo: I think I’ve finally found just the right inspiration for the kids’ playroom redo (pictured below). It needs to be a more functional space that can also grow with them (because omg they will not stop growing). M has a course that will basically make him a ghost for the entire month of June so I’m thinking of making this my own special DIY project.
  • This link: Because list makers gotta list.
  • Finding a bathing suit: It was among my spring goals to find a respectable mom suit and I’ve done it! The holy grail! And it only cost me $35. Score.
  • Finding repeatable recipes: I love it when I try something new, serve it to my friends and they all love it. Will definitely be making these peanut-butter-chocolate cookies again.
  • Happy Mother’s Day:Β To all of the wonderful mamas in my life, especially Hanny, I hope you have a relaxing day and are smothered with love and smooches.
Β IMG_3609

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