friday favourites

All the points. I love when I have a chance to carefully plan my grocery shopping. It’s amazing how much I can save with a little organization. Last night, I spent about $130 on groceries, saved about $14 in coupons and earned 19,500 PC points ($19.50 value). Feeding myself and three hungry boys on the cheap can be a pretty fun challenge. #grocerynerd

A rainy weekend to get sh*t done. By all reports, tomorrow will be a monsoon, and I couldn’t be happier to take advantage of our first guest-free weekend in a month (not that I didn’t love every second of company, of course) to clean, purge, cook and relax.


When friends come to visit. HGTV’s Carson Arthur came by our offices this week and gave me some fodder for my Herald Homes blog, which you can read here.


Feeling ready to turn over a new leaf. I’ve used winter/stress/parenting/schedule/you name it as a crutch for letting myself indulge in extra calories and slack on exercise over the past few months. But I’ve finally hit a wall. It’s one of those things that can’t really change until you’re totally ready. I’m finally feeling completely determined to get my 10,000 steps in (minimum) per day, drink more water, eat less junk and generally just feel better in my own skin. No scales or rigid goals, just happy, comfortable living with a little more restraint when it comes to things like French fries.


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