friday favourites

Feeling like Lorelai Gilmore. 



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Hilarious links. Like this gem: Netflix & chill for parents

Purging clutter. And writing about it over at My Hectic Home.

Some weekend-related reading: This MacLean’s article entitled How the weekend has disappeared and why we need to take it back. This also ties nicely with what I was saying earlier this week about detoxing from my phone and being more present and detached in my day-to-day life or, more specifically, taking back some of my life. The author describes an idealistic scenario, “I talked to a lot of people about what makes a good weekend and discovered a few common threads: human connection, play, interaction with nature, exposure to beauty. It’s unrealistic to think we’re going to get that full 48 hours of respite, so it becomes about seeking those rejuvenating beats: maybe it’s just sitting under a tree in the parkette by the grocery store for a while, unplugged and purposeless.”

I hope you find some rejuvenating beats this weekend.


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