spring must haves

I haven’t followed along with Mama’s Losin’ It‘s writing prompts in years. It’s one of the things I missed about blogging — linking up with other writers like me and sharing stories. I’m mostly writing quietly in my own little corner of the world right now, but hopefully, someday I’ll be reconnected with some of the great voices out there.

The prompt that spoke to me this week was “Write a list of your spring must haves.”

Birkenstocks. My only pair were a gift from Mike for my “first” mother’s day when I was pregnant with Jacob, so almost exactly seven years ago. I’d say they’ve earned their keep, wouldn’t you? I got a pair of knock-offs last summer at Costco but they broke already. What does that tell you? I’m digging these ones:


A mom bathing suit. I qualify that because not just any suit will do. A) It needs all kinds of upper body support because gravity. B) It needs to be respectable and in no way skanky because public pools. C) It has to look good because I’m not only a mom (and one piece because stretch marks). This is the magical, unknowable trifecta of bathing suit awesomeness that I’m actually going to have to shop for, which means trying them on and well, I’m not nearly tanned enough for that. So basically I’m looking for the perfect suit to show up on my doorstep. Who can make that happen for me? I can’t even include a photo of this because it’s basically a unicorn.

Fresh flowers in the house all the time. My faves are tulips right now, but anything colourful will do!


New songs for my Get Outside playlist. I need to start walking and running on a more regular basis and the weather is no longer a limitation. What songs would you recommend that would help me with my get-up-and-go?


One thought on “spring must haves

  1. mamaslosinit

    Welcome back!! πŸ™‚ I have a mom bathing suit, but still get too terrified to wear it. Something about becoming a mom made me way too insecure about this body!


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