friday favourites

Holidays: The best thing about this Friday? Not working, of course. Holla, long weekend!


(For people like Oprah, not me, since I work Monday. Booooo)

Trying new recipes: I made a Brazillian-inspired rice and chickpea dish for book club last week that was super tasty. I didn’t even get to enjoy any leftovers because Mike ate it all before I had a chance! My little sous chef, Isaac, and I tried a new cookie recipe, which turned out really well. We prefer our cookies nice and chewy, which these are. I also attempted a slow-cooker pork roast, but it was only so-so. The flavour didn’t really absorb well and the whole thing was a little on the dry side (feedback courtesy of my meat eaters, naturally).

Tex-Mex: Speaking of food … my new edition of Food Network magazine is Tex Mex themed! It’s like they literally wrote it just for me.

IMG_3545Multi-province-and-state Fitbit challenges: I’m in Nova Scotia, mum is in New Brunswick, my cousin is in Maine and my aunt is in North Carolina, yet the four of us talk almost daily (sometimes it’s trash talk) on our Fitbit challenges. We’re motivating each other to get moving while also staying closely linked while we are geographically far apart. Isn’t technology grand?


Yeah, I do that.

Blogging all over the interweb: I’m writing in other places! And I’m excited!

So. This story is ridiculous and I felt reeeally bad, but luckily Mike was completely understanding and the kids … well , they go to stay up until 10 p.m., so they definitely weren’t complaining. The full story is available for your reading pleasure over at My Hectic Home.

We also recently handed the table-clearing gauntlet to Jacob and I’m already looking for other tasks I can permanently assign to the kids. Read more about that here.


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