friday favourites

Longer days: The kids aren’t super thrilled about the idea of going to bed when it’s still light out, but they might as well get used to it. The days are getting longer, which is awesome for my mental health. It’s pouring rain today and, however counterintuitively, I’m super happy about it. Warm showers mean our dirty little snowbanks will be gone soon and we can get on with actual spring. Here’s a great little list of to-dos:


Fitness inspiration:
I had the good fortune of being invited by my beautiful niece to accompany her to a Spiritual Athlete workshop last week. I also got to write about the instructor, Jill Payne, in the paper. She’s such an inspirational and uplifting presence. Her messages of self-worth and empowerment really stuck with me. If you ever have the chance to go see her, I highly recommend!


Recipe swap: I recipe swap every so often with my friend, Allie. We both like to try new things, so by doubling up our batches, we also cook one meal for each other’s families in the process. This week, she made vegetarian sheppard’s pie and holy. That stuff is gooood. Here’s the recipe she used. I’m definitely adding it to my regular meat-free recipe rotation.

Taking a day off mid-week: I spent yesterday with my boys. J had a PD day and it seemed like the perfect excuse to stay home with the kids. We had the best day. We did a little shopping, treated ourselves to lunch at Boston Pizza, played countless rounds of Guess Who and Go Fish, had a hide-and-seek battle with a couple neighbourhood kids and read extra books at bedtime. It was the best. Note to self: do this again soon; it’s good for the soul.

Blogging: OK, I think I’m back for real. I hesitated on making that decision. I decided I’d wait a week or two to see if the urge to blog persisted or faded, but I’m still feeling inspired to write and it feels really good, so here we are. The writing bug has also bit me over at my Herald Homes blog, My Hectic Home.


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