things that stress me out

  • The fact that the kids’ memory books and boxes are so woefully out of date.
  • When my phone rings after 9 p.m. Doesn’t that make you assume someone died?
  • How unclean my floors really are.
  • Wondering if we’ll have enough saved when it’s time to retire.
  • Social media.
  • Worrying that despite being on the go all. the. time., that I’m still not doing enough for my most important people.
  • Having to relinquish control over anything.


  • I should eat salad, but I’d rather eat fries.
  • How messy my car is.
  • Not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water.
  • How many unanswered emails are in my inbox.
  • Seeing or reading bad news in the media.
  • Worrying about what artificial-ingredients/screen-time/violence-on-television/insert-other-fear-here really does to our kids.
  • Making lists of things that stress me out.



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