if i write it down, it’ll happen, right?

We’re half-way through the month already. Is it too late to set a few goals? If I don’t write this stuff down, it might actually start oozing out of my ears because omg my brain never stops.

I’ve hesitated to get too invested in the gardening process, but given that we could have overnight frost in Nova Scotia in August, I might as well get started. By that, I mean:

  • Fill up the veggie beds with more soil and establish a plan of what’s being planted where. Then do the actual planting.
  • Clean out the flower beds and fill them with lovely black mulch.
  • Do the first mow of the year (husband) and fertilize and spread grass seed where needed.

Finalize spring cleaning to dos and get it all done. Including, but not limited to, thoroughly cleaning windows and doors inside and out, spot cleaning some carpet stains, wiping down light fixtures and keeping the windows open for days at a time to air out the winter funk.

Pay parking ticket.

Write as much summer fun on the calendar as possible because a) I’ll forget stuff, and b) summer is so bloody short in this province that if you don’t actually pencil in the beach days and put all of your hopes on the forecast, you might only actually get there twice all year.

Vacuum the car out again. Did this last month and it was a total game changer. It had been a long snowy winter and my car had been severely neglected. Then, the car was ransacked two night ago by punks looking for money (they were too good to steal the few nickles and dimes I had, apparently) but they made a hella mess with what bits of garbage were in consoles and a bag of things that was hanging in the back. So I’m going to harness my anger at those losers and channel it into ambition to clean the car out again.

Try a couple new recipes. Hopefully recipes that can be barbecued.



One thought on “if i write it down, it’ll happen, right?

  1. heatherlauraclarke

    Boo to your car being ransacked! We had the same thing happen when I was a kid, in Lower Sackville. Except my mom was a pharmaceutical rep so there were drug samples (not exciting ones, luckily) strewn across the neighbourhood.


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