writing and other stuff

I’m working on some seriously fun stuff at work right now. I can’t share the details just yet, but it’s truly my ideal project. As such, I’m writing all over the place and not writing here quite so regularly. One place I am writing today is All You Need Is Love, a fun, family-centric blog that is also based in Nova Scotia and also run by a gal who is married to a twin named Mike! She also married her Mike just a week before I married mine, so we have plenty in common from the outset. Please take a moment to pop by and check out her blog!

Also, a few of life’s unanswerable questions …

I ran this week for the first time in nearly a year (according to my Nike+ app, at least) and today I can barely walk. Why did I wait this long? Hurts so good.


Last week, I had every single piece of laundry in the house clean, folded and put away. Today, I’m tripping over full hampers left and right. Why. Does. This. Keep. Happening?

I’m going to a parent meeting for primary orientation tonight. How is it possible that my kid is starting school already?

Happy almost weekend to you and yours!


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