i pin, therefore i do. sometimes.

It’s funny how my most recent pins can provide a little portal into the current status of my life.

The most recent two, one for sweet potato potstickers and the other for a chick pea curry situation. Both represent my interest in trying new vegetarian recipes and the fact that I’m usually hungry when I’m trolling Pinterest.

There’s also a ton of great kid stuff there … some I’ve tried, some are just ideas I’m saving for later. I just tacked up this would you rather card game for kids, which sounds like a great way to play an indirect game of kids say the darnedest things. I also love this combo plate and placemat, though I’m not in love with the $25 price tag and might try to DIY something similar.

Oh look, there’s another I’m hungry pin. Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers with Roasted Garlic Cream and Avocado.

Another Pinterest vice: home improvement projects. How amazing would it be to have this hidden closet in a mudroom or this handy storage in your bathroom?

I used these two pins (this and this) as inspiration for what I made little brother to take to daycare today for his Valentine’s Day party. I have no idea how mums managed to come up with these sorts of creative ideas before the Internet. Actually, years ago I imagine there was nearly as much pressure to make your own and make it the best as there is now. That’s a topic for another day.

Perhaps the board with the saddest ROI (read: most great pins with least amount actually attempted or accomplished) is my DIY gifts board with so many cute ideas for friends and family. The trick to making a custom letter for a nephew’s bedroom or a pretty bracelet for a friend’s birthday is starting before the week of said event. I’ll get there. Eventually.



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