two things

I just have a couple quick things to say.

1) I just finished my first audio book. Thanks to a handy little app (OverDrive), I can link directly to my local library and borrow ebooks and audio books in just a click or two. Love.

I didn’t know if I would like listening to a book or if I’d even have time. Our car rides are dominated by the kids’ playlist, Raffi CDs or the traffic report. But on the rare occasions I’ve been riding alone, I’ve listened. I’ve put my headphones on during my lunch breaks at work. I’ve even fallen asleep to it a few times (it has a sleep timer function!).

While I’ll still be reading my good ol’ fashioned books, this app has found a new little nook in my heart.

2) The audio book was Basic Black: The Essential Guide to Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life) by Cathie Black. I’ve recently taken on a leadership role at work and I’ve already been faced with situations in which I’ve been outside of my comfort zone with my peers. Enough that I felt I’d like to read some advice on the topic. The book is interesting and informative. It’s a little more of a bio than a reference guide, but engaging and helpful nonetheless. I’d definitely recommend it. Through interesting anecdotes, the book suggests some ways to navigate the working world, specifically as a woman in publishing (hello!).

OK, that’s all. Back to your regularly scheduled snow day.

(And by snow day, I mean work day. Unless you’re my husband or my kids. Notbitternotbitternotbitter).



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