five days

January 6

What possession could you not live without? This is tough, but it’s not. I considered my house, my car, my bed. But the answer is my iPhone. I use it to connect with friends and family via phone, text and social media. I do work on it using my work email and Google Docs app. I track my schedule in my calendar. I take photos and videos of the kids. I listen to music, occasionally use it to read the latest book club pick, check the weather, look at the flyers and so much more. It’s a whole lot of everything in a pretty tiny package. I love, and can’t deny, its versatility.

January 7

Can people change? Yes. I know I have. I know Husband has. Life is evolutionary is an infinite number of ways. Some are positive, some are negative. Sure, old habits die hard, but changes are possible.

January 8

What is the last “good” thing you ate? If we’re talking good from a healthy perspective, the answer would be a cauliflower-chick pea-curry dish (this recipe swapping potatoes for cauliflower — I also added sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and onions this time. I’ve made it a few times and switch it up a little each time based on what I have on hand. If we’re talking good from a taste perspective, the answer is the same because OMG curry.

January 9

What is your current favourite snack? Healthy(ish) snack: Beanito BBQ flavour chips. Bad-for-me snack: Potato Skins a la Bunin (which we make at home by cooking frozen wedges and topping with cheese and green onions).

January 10

What made you smile today? It’s Saturday! What’s not to love? A day off work with my house full of boys. A movie date with my oldest. And a night out with the ladies this evening. Hooray for the weekend!



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