daily reflections

I was trolling Pinterest the other day, as I often do, and came across a post about blogging. This directed me into a wormhole of ideas and inspriations to help with creativity and writer’s block.

I found a link I liked to daily questions. Whether you use these for your diary or journal, or post them to the world on a blog or via social media, I think it can be a fun way to see where you are now and look back a year from now to see how things have changed (or stayed the same).

January 1

What is your number one goal for this year? Be more attentive and less distracted. This is much about my phone, as I’m sure you assumed, but also puttering around doing chores when I could be playing, watching TV when I could be chatting with Husband, or being insane about my to do list when I could be savouring a few moments to relax and decompress.

January 2

What are you most grateful for? My health and the health of my loved ones. If I’ve learned anything in my adult life, it’s that we need to be proactive about our health. Life is far too short to let our well being — physical, mental, emotional or otherwise — slip away.

January 3

Are you content? Mostly, yes. To help me be even more content: Let go of the little things, practice more positivity, stress less and relax more. I need to spend more time doing what makes me feel happy and less time worrying about things that don’t matter.

January 4

What is your best memory of last year? Being surprised with a trip to NYC was an unbelievable highlight. Not only of my year, but of my life. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an incredible trip to celebrate my 30th birthday, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience from start to finish.

January 5

What was the last major accomplishment that you had? Earning a promotion at work was a recent highlight. It means more responsibility and accountability, but I thrive a fast-paced, deadline-drive environment. I love that I can take on a leadership role now and influence real change.

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