oh she glows

I know I’m probably the last vegetarian in Canada to crack a copy of the oh she glows cookbook, but I got it for Christmas and I can’t stop pouring over every recipe.

One of my unofficial goals for the year is to be a better vegetarian. I don’t really think about my meals in a balanced way, I’m often lacking the protein I need, and I want to make my food more interesting.

In an attempt to accomplish this goal, I plan to cook through every page of the oh she glows cookbook this year. I started over the weekend with the maple-cinnamon apple and pear baked oatmeal recipe. I made it for my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew, as well as my own boys, and it was a pretty big hit. Our littlest inhaled two bowls.


When our oldest wakes up (aka the Hulk), were going to try out the classic green monster smoothie. Did you know the Hulk only eats things that are green? I have a feeling that it too will be quite popular.

Happy snow day!



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