on 2014

I arrived at work nearly a half hour early this morning because traffic was gloriously light. I’ll choose to savour that, rather than be bitter about the fact that my guys are snuggled up on the couch watching a movie while I’m at work like a sucker.

I just took pause when I realized that we’re about to wrap up 2014. At work, I operate a week ahead of time, so my next issue goes to press for January 6. That’s a whole year away at this point. For now, I’m thinking about this year and everything it has meant.



The beginning of the year was a shock to the system quite literally at the annual Polar Bear Dip. Annual is a bit of a misnomer, as I won’t be doing it again. I can understand why people do it each year — it’s a great ritual to kick off the new year. I’d just rather usher in 2015 in fleece pyjamas. If I had an actual bucket list, this would be a check mark.

We lost two pretty great people from our family over the past 13 months. It was hard. I think about them often and try to focus on how awesome they were and the lessons we take from these experiences. Life is too short. 


I trained (somewhat) and ran the Frostbite Five Miler, though I haven’t run much since. Looking back on this year’s accomplishments — this race being fairly high on the list of wins for the year — I think it’s time to set some new fitness goals for 2015. Running in the snow probably won’t be one of them.


We started a new family tradition this year. We spent a night in a hotel during March Break. We only travelled about an hour away from home, but it felt like we were a world away. We swam in the pool, ordered pizza, jumped on the bed and stayed up late watching movies. It was perfect. This year, we’re going for two nights.


We went to a pretty awesome David Myles and Joel Plaskett show. It was my mother’s day gift; I love receiving experiences as gifts. And I love having a thoughtful husband.


The summer months flew by this year, as always. We spent a couple beauty days at the beach, lots of time at the outdoor pool, and another fun-filled week in NB, where we celebrated a beautiful friend’s wedding. Husband worked hard on his few weeks off — painted, added wainscoting to our entry way and more electrical outlets throughout the house (with the help of a very handy friend).


We had our first family camping experience with friends at Keji. We stayed in an Otentik site, which was perfect for an overnighter. We basked by the water and snuggled by the campfire.

Big brother turned four. He is so smart, witty and perceptive. I love quiet conversations and hilarious dance parties with him. He also started preschool this fall. He adapted quickly and is developing in all new ways with new friends and experiences. I can’t believe I’ll be registering him for school in less than six weeks.


I gave blood for the first time, which is something I’m proud to say I’ll be doing regularly as long as I can.


We spent an interesting afternoon in the ER after big brother decided to put a bead in his ear at school. He was treated like a king at the hospital and having it removed was totally painless. He was pretty pleased about being picked up early from school and getting a sticker from the doctor. It was an exciting right of passage for both of us.

Little brother turned two. Oh this kid. He’s got a streak in him that I can’t really explain. He’s much like his mama, which could be taken a variety of ways. I love his bright personality and zest for life.

I got a promotion at work, which was very flattering. It’s nice to be recognized for the work you put in. It’s given me even more reason to be my best professional self.

I turned 30 and it was truly the most amazing birthday. It was the celebration that wouldn’t quit, which was overwhelming and wonderful. I spent an unbelievable weekend in NYC with my best gal and my mum. More than a month later, I’m still in awe of the trip — the surprise, the city and the amazing gesture. I can’t wait to go back.


And the awesomeness continued with my amazing friends on a surprise overnight getaway to a beautiful oceanside retreat. It was a good ol’ fashioned sleepover, complete with mani-pedis, boardgames, and the best people.

As if that wasn’t enough, Husband surprised me with a night away in a hotel on the weekend his parents were visiting. It was our first overnight alone in more than four years. We fell asleep early, of course, but also slept in. We spent a leisurely morning browsing the market and enjoying diner breakfast. It was the perfect wrap to a month of festivities. I’m a very lucky gal.


The month has come and gone and all I can say about it is “Christmas.” It was four full weeks of falalalala and we truly enjoyed it — time with family, days off work and school, and a lot of festive merriment.


Now, it’s time to think about 2015. I’m not much of a resolution maker, but I do have some goals to set. I have high hopes for the coming year, as I always do. Positivity. It’s not always easy, but it’s hugely important for me. I’ll try to set the course before Jan. 1, but I know that my intentions will be ever evolving. I’ll focus less on setting unrealistic goals and more on thoroughly enjoying each moment as it comes.



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