a girl can dream

I have this fantasy. In fact, I think if a genie appeared before me right now and said I could have three wishes, this would be one.

I would like to pause the world. Originally, I thought it would be for 24 hours, but the more I think about it, I’d put everything on hold for an entire week.

Picture it. It’d be like a scene in a movie. Everyone and everything around me would freeze, but I would be free to go about my business completely alone. For an entire week. Here’s what I would do:

Sleep. Not just for five or six hours in a night. I would go to sleep at 10 p.m. and sleep until 8 a.m. each day. I would wake up naturally and refreshed, without dark circles under my eyes or an intense, urgent need for coffee.

There would be coffee though, lots of it. And each steaming cup would be fully enjoyed before turning ice cold.

I’d often consume the coffee while reading. Novels, magazines, newspapers. Any of the above will do. I’d have the liberty to read cover to cover if I desired. No interruptions, no noise.

And in the silence of my home, I would clean. Not what you’d do on a “vacation” week? To me, the idea of getting ahead of housework is the height of satisfaction. I would scrub floors on my hands and knees, wash every bit of laundry I could find, and even take on the I-never-have-time-for-that projects like cleaning windows, dusting light fixtures and purge at least one back of donations from each and every room.

When I finished my chores each day, I would do yoga. It would be calm, quiet and restorative.

I’d download every show I wish I had time to catch up on (Nashville and Parenthood) and spend my evenings with total control of the TV.

Every meal that week would be eaten at the table (OK, maybe sometimes on the couch). My meals wouldn’t be scarfed while standing at the kitchen sink. Supper would never consist of a toasted sandwich for lack of a better option lack of time to think of or prepare a better option.

I’m a simple girl; I don’t want for anything. Except for maybe time. I find it hard to justify (in my head and in my heart) the time to do all of the above when I’d rather be snuggling/playing/enjoying my boys. So for now, some of these things are on hold, and some of these things are reserved for the spare minutes I do get in the run of a week. But hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?



One thought on “a girl can dream

  1. heatherlauraclarke

    This would be dreamy! I would do all of the same things, along with also spending hours drifting aimlessly around fabric and craft stores. Let’s plan to freeze time the same week, so we can do things together! xo


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